Types of refrigeration system pdf


Activated carbon based on stone coal is most suitable type for solar refrigeration. Collector with types of refrigeration system pdf glass improve the performance of the system refrigeration. For a tilt angle 20.

August solar coefficient of performance of the system is 0. This system preserves electrical energy and reduces carbon dioxide emission. El Oued region, which is situated in the sub-Sahara regions of Algeria. Astakhov equation was used to describe the adsorption phenomena.

Effect of some important parameters, such as activated carbon types, adsorber tube size, tube wall material and collector glazing cover, on the system performances were investigated. The temperature, pressure and adsorbed mass profiles inside the adsorber have been shown and energy balance for the whole system was determined with relative error 0. 59 kg of activated carbon based on stone coal. This design has a solar coefficient of performance about 0. Use of this system, in this region, may be preserve electrical energy of about 28,303 MW h or 2434. 058 toe of fossil fuel corresponding to 18396. 950 tonne of carbon dioxide emission prevented from being released into the atmosphere.