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This is transport phenomena bird pdf free download featured article. Click here for more information. English and scientific names, and possibly to it being called the “king of the birds” in European folklore.

This kinglet has greenish upper-parts, whitish under-parts, and has two white wingbars. It superficially resembles the firecrest, which largely shares its European range, but the latter’s bronze shoulders and strong face pattern are distinctive. The goldcrest is the smallest European bird, 8. The small, thin bill is black, and the legs are dark flesh-brown. Apart from the crest colour, the sexes are alike, although in fresh plumage, the female may have very slightly paler upper-parts and greyer underparts than the adult male. The juvenile is similar to the adult, but has duller upper-parts and lacks the coloured crown.

Shorter flights while feeding are a mix of dashing and fluttering with frequent hovering. It moves restlessly among foliage, regularly creeping on branches and up and down trunks. The goldcrest has a bright crest and a relatively plain face. A little orange is seen at the back of the crest, indicating a male.