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This article is about the airport traffic issues san antonio pdf California, United States. San Jose International Airport Logo.

SJC is also a focus city, was second most popular with about 12. SJC is the smallest of the three Bay Area commercial airports in terms of total passengers. Although the location near downtown San José is convenient, drawbacks include SJC being surrounded by the city and therefore having little room for expansion. The proximity to downtown also limits the maximum height of buildings in downtown San José, in order to comply with FAA clearance rules. Stockton Ranch from the Crocker family, to be the site of San José’s airport. Renzel led the effort to pass a bond measure to pay for the land in 1940.

In 1945, test pilot James M. When the city of San José decided to develop a municipal airport, Nissen sold his share of the aviation business and became San José’s first airport manager. Renzel and Nissen were instrumental in the development of San Jose Municipal Airport over the next few decades, culminating with the 1965 opening of what later became Terminal C. 1962—Brokaw Rd was the northwest boundary of the airport.

In 1990, San Jose International Airport greatly expanded with the opening of Terminal A. Terminal B between Terminals A and C was planned for later. In November 2001, San Jose City Council approved an amended master plan for the airport that called for a three-phase, nine-year expansion plan. The sail-shaped facade would greet up to 17. 6 million passengers a year.