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The inscriptions denoting the depicted persons are written in an archaic form of the Greek alphabet. V to represent the vowel . The pointed form ‘v’ was written at the beginning of a word, while a rounded form ‘u’ was used in the middle or end, regardless of sound. So whereas ‘valour’ and ‘excuse’ appeared as in modern printing, ‘have’ and ‘upon’ were printed as ‘haue’ and ‘vpon’. 1386, where ‘v’ preceded ‘u’. By the mid-16th century, the ‘v’ form was used to represent the consonant and ‘u’ the vowel sound, giving us the modern letter ‘u’.

Capital ‘U’ was not accepted as a distinct letter until many years later. P is doubled to indicate the difference between ‘super’ and ‘supper’. However, that is changing with newly coined words, such as ‘divvy up’ and ‘skivvies’. V is not used very frequently in English. English language, with a frequency of about 1. C also cannot be used in the American version.

Japanese name of the letter B. Also for encodings based on ASCII, including the DOS, Windows, ISO-8859 and Macintosh families of encodings. It is number 23 on the periodic table. This page was last edited on 8 February 2018, at 23:47. This article is about the novel. Zoyd and his 14-year-old daughter Prairie out of their house. Zoyd’s, who recount to the mystified Prairie the story of Brock’s motivation for what he has done.

This hinges heavily on Frenesi Gates, Prairie’s mother, whom she has never met. Her betrayal caused Frenesi to flee, and she has been living in witness protection with Brock’s help up until the present day. The membership of 24fps, Brock Vond, and Hector Zuñiga are all searching for her, for their various motives. Hector, a Tube addict who has actually not been working with Brock, finds funding to create his pet project of a movie telling the story of the depraved sixties, with Frenesi Gates as the director, and the pomp and circumstance surrounding this big-money deal create a net of safety that allows Frenesi to come out of hiding. 24fps finds her and achieves their goal of allowing Prairie to meet her, at an enormous reunion of Frenesi’s family. Weed Atman is also present at the reunion as one of many Thanatoids in the book—people who are in a state that is “like death, but different.