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Ward’s stage name, “Lalla”, comes from her attempts as a toddler to pronounce her own name. It was a ‘see if you can do it’ sort of thing, because it was the thing I hated most—the times traveler wife pdf like somebody who’s scared of heights might go rock climbing, or, I don’t know, go potholing if they’re claustrophobic. Ward successfully sued the magazine. Ward is a textile artist and ceramicist.

Her subjects are rare and endangered animals. In 2009, at the suggestion of the Gerald Durrell Foundation, she prepared an exhibition of textiles and ceramics on the theme of Galapagos wildlife. 24,000 for the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust’s campaign for the Floreana mockingbird and other wildlife of Galapagos. She has shown three exhibitions at the National Theatre, London.

As with previous shows, Ward made available detailed instructions explaining her techniques. She also used one glass case to recreate her workspace, including such sources of inspiration as music, quotes, and a photo of her dog. TACT, and as a trustee for 10 years. 5 million redevelopment of the actors’ care home, Denville Hall.

Anglo-Irish scientist who was killed in an accident riding an experimental steam car in 1869, becoming the first person ever killed in a car accident. The couple married in December 1980, but the marriage lasted only 16 months. Ward attributed the separation to work commitments, different lifestyles, and conflicts of interest. It’s something I still feel sad about. I loved—and, in many ways, still love—Tom very much. The trouble is, our careers came to be just as important as each other, and we grew apart. I was angry at suggestions that it didn’t work because I was too young, or that Tom was unreasonable to me.