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A life simulation game can revolve around “individuals and relationships, or it could be a simulation of an ecosystem”. But “because they’re intended the game of life book pdf entertainment rather than research, commercial A-life games implement only a subset of what A-life research investigates. It also includes genetic artificial life games, where players manages populations of creatures over several generations.

The game is cited as a little-known forerunner of virtual-life simulator games to follow. Artificial Life and genetic algorithms”. Digital pets are a subgenre of artificial life game where players train, maintain, and watch a simulated animal. The pets can be simulations of real animals, or fantasy pets.

Unlike genetic artificial life games that focus on larger populations of organisms, digital pet games usually allow players to interact with one or a few pets at once. Digital pets are usually designed to be cute, and act out a range of emotions and behaviors that tell the player how to influence the pet. Players are able to tease, groom, and teach the pet, and so they must be able to learn behaviors from the player. However, these behaviors are typically “preprogrammed and are not truly emergent”. Game designers try to sustain the player’s attention by mixing common behaviors with more rare ones, so the player is motivated to keep playing until they see them. Some artificial life games allow players to manage a population of creatures over several generations, and try to achieve goals for the population as a whole. Some games also introduce mutations due to random or environmental factors, which can benefit the population as creatures reproduce.

Maxis game that deals with terraforming and guiding a planet through its geological and biological development. Maxis game which experiments with genetics and ecosystems. Some games take biology or evolution as a theme, rather than attempting to simulate. Evolutionary points” are earned by eating other creatures and are used to evolve. As the Evolites evolve naturally, various tools are at your disposal to save, destroy, create, and interact with them. You may let things run their course, or you may directly intervene, and make sure that only your chosen strain of Evolites survives!

Flash game similar to E. The first and second stages are biology-themed, although the second stage also has more role playing game elements. Creatures franchise features creatures called ‘Norns’, each of which has its own ‘digital DNA’ that later generations can inherit. The Norns are semi-autonomous, but must be trained to interact with their environment to avoid starvation.