The allure of gnosticism pdf


Gnosticism is an ancient name for a variety of religious ideas and systems, originating in Jewish milieus in the first and second century CE. The late 19th century saw the publication the allure of gnosticism pdf popular sympathetic studies making use of recently rediscovered source materials.

In this period there was also the revival of a Gnostic religious movement in France. 1945 greatly increased the amount of source material available. Its translation into English and other modern languages in 1977 resulted in a wide dissemination, and has as a result had observable influence on several modern figures, and upon modern Western culture in general. This article attempts to summarize those modern figures and movements that have been influenced by Gnosticism, both prior and subsequent to the Nag Hammadi discovery.

Source materials were discovered in the 18th century. British Museum from the heirs of Dr. Latin translation of the Askew Codex by M. Schwartze were published in 1851. King was recognized as one of the greatest authorities on gems. According to Mead, King’s work “lacks the thoroughness of the specialist.