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OLIVETTI ECR 8100 USER MANUAL Pdf Download. View and Download Olivetti ECR 8100 user manual online. ECR 8100 Cash Register pdf manual download. Tableau pdf reports split on multiple pages ECR 8100 on manualslib.

PUBLICATION ISSUED BY: Olivetti S. SAFETY INFORMATION INFORMATIONS DE SECURITE SICHERHEITSVORSCHRIFTEN INFORMACIÓN DE SEGURIDAD VEILIGHEIDSINFORMATIE INFORMAÇÃO SOBRE SEGURANÇA SIKKERHEDSFORANSTALTNINGER SIKKERHETSINFORMASJON Connect the power cord to an electrical outlet that is near the product and easily accessible. Install your cash register on a flat and stable surface, at a location where no one can step on or trip over the power cord. QUÉ DEBO HACER A CONTINUACIÓN? HOE GA IK TE WERK? Plug the cash register into a electrical outlet and insert the batteries. 2 Cash Register Programming Reports .

27 Setting the Operation Mode via the Management Reports . Removable Cash Drawer with Lock With reference to figure 4, the cash drawer has slots for banknotes and for coins. Open the drawer by pressing or by sliding the hidden emergency button underneath the register. Barcode Reader A barcode reader can be connected to the cash register via the RS232 serial interface on the back of the register. When programming PLUs, instead of manually entering the PLU code you can scan the barcode on an article to insert it automatically. Used to exit a programming session.

After a sales transaction is finalized with payment, this key can be used again to print one or more copies of the last receipt, depending on how the multiple receipts system option is programmed. Activates table tracking for the table specified. Enter the table number using the numeric keys, then press . Opens an account for a new table if the number specified is unused. PERATOR AND USTOMER ISPLAYS Your cash register is equipped with a single-line customer display and a dual-line operator display. A set of digits indicating the department key pressed for each entry.

At the end of a sales transaction, indicates the means of payment registered. A Full Reset – Reports operation erases the cash Press to clear an error. LECTRONIC OURNAL The cash register is equipped with an electronic journal with your transaction. You can then either print the memory that by default can contain up to 13,000 lines contents of the electronic journal as explained below, or of transaction data. Example: Program the cash register to print in French.

NOTE: Before changing a VAT rate, print a Z Financial report. See “X1 and Z1 Financial Reports”. Press: See sections “Fraction Rounding for VAT Calculation” and “Printing VAT Information on Receipts” for other Language identifier VAT-related features. PLU Up to 1500 PLUs can be programmed. Programming a PLU item means associating a fixed price, the stock 4.

Enter the number of items to be added or NOTE: If 0 is entered, stock control is not subtracted from the current quantity, from activated. Any incorrect character can be canceled by pressing VERVIEW OF APTION ROGRAMMING SING THE EYPAD AND HARACTER which provides the typical backspace function ABLE of the PC environment. Example: Select the letters à and Ü. Press: keys can be set up to apply a predefined percentage discount or percentage add on. The rate can be applied to an individual item or to the sales transaction total. You can assign a name of up to 12 characters in length to each of the 99 departments available. Example: Name department group 1 “GROCERIES” using the CAPS character table.