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Since 1997, several more short stories for the heart pdf featuring Bond or set within the official James Bond universe have been published by authors who continued chronicling the world of Fleming’s creation. The majority of these stories have, as of 2008, never been collected in book form, unlike the Fleming works.

This, however, has yet to occur as of 2008. To date these three stories remain the only pieces of James Bond literature that have never officially been published in Great Britain. When Bond arrives, he finds his son murdered. Bond’s victory over Bunt is hollow, due to him having to come to grips with his absentee fathering and not spending time with his only remaining blood relative. This makes “Blast from the Past” the first non-Fleming short story to be published in book form.

By Benson’s own admission, the short story is a joke piece. Dergan has the distinction of being the first real person ever to be awarded the status of Bond Girl. Several other Playmates are referenced by name in this story, but Dergan is clearly Bond’s girl of choice on this adventure. The reporter, Janet Davies, becomes the second real person to be a Bond girl, seen daily on Chicago’s local ABC station Channel 7 WLS. Benson, himself, acknowledges that it was little more than a time-killer in the interim between the two book projects. It has not yet been announced whether these stories are intended for republication in book form. As of 2008 neither story has been published in North America.