Stihl 026 repair manual pdf


STIHL 017 INSTRUCTION MANUAL Pdf Download. View and Download Stihl 017 instruction manual online. 017 Chainsaw pdf manual download. Owner’s Manual Assembling Safety Stihl 026 repair manual pdf Operating Instructions Maintenance Warning!

Keep a good firm grip on the to reduce the risk of kickback and back towards the operator. Ask your STIHL dealer Pinching the saw chain along the hand on the rear handle, about these devices. Contents Main Parts of the Saw During Operation This manual contains operating and Definitions After Finishing Work safety instructions for all STIHL 017, 018 Safety Precautions Cleaning Air Filter series chainsaws. Master Control Lever Permits precise adjustment of chain Lever for choke control, tension. Bumper Spike Toothed stop for holding saw steady 20. Controls the speed of the engine.

These safety precautions and warnings check with your doctor before operating observed when working with an ax or a apply to the use of all STIHL chainsaws. Different models may have different chainsaws. All the above mentioned precautions do gloves improve your grip not guarantee that you will not sustain and protect your hands. STIHL or expressly approved by STIHL the saw must be in the proper position. STIHL saw should point backwards. When carrying models are authorized.

Although certain Grip the front handle and place the your saw, the bar should be behind you. STIHL “Kickback” and the “ANSI B 175. 1-1991 product carefully so as to allow any Warning! The screwdriver end of the STIHL combination wrench or other similar tool can be used as an aid in tightening slotted fuel filler caps. STIHL operator may lose control. Grip: Always hold the saw firmly with Never touch a chain with your hand or both hands when the engine is running.

Place your left hand on front handle bar running, even when the chain is not and your right hand on rear handle and rotating. If the rotating chain is suddenly Stand to the left of cut while bucking. Never operate your chainsaw without a front hand guard. In a kickback situation STIHL recommends the use of the STIHL this guard helps protect your left hand or Quickstop chain brake on your power- other parts of your body. STIHL has developed a color code powerheads.