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It chronicles the attempts of a provincial young man to rise socially beyond his modest upbringing through a combination of talent, hard work, deception, and hypocrisy. Stendhal red and black pdf ultimately allows his passions to betray him.

Julien Sorel, the intelligent and ambitious protagonist. He harbours many romantic illusions, but becomes mostly a pawn in the political machinations of the ruthless and influential people about him. The novel’s title refers to the contrasting uniforms of the Army and the Church. Church career offers social advancement and glory.

Julien Sorel’s life in France’s rigid social structure restored after the disruptions of the French Revolution and the reign of Emperor Napoleon. Monsieur de Rênal, the mayor of Verrières. Although representing himself as a pious, austere cleric, Julien is uninterested in religious studies beyond the Bible’s literary value and his ability to use memorized Latin passages to impress his social superiors. He begins a love affair with Monsieur de Rênal’s wife, which ends when her chambermaid, Elisa, who is also in love with Julien, makes it known to the village.

The initially cynical seminary director, the abbé Pirard likes Julien and becomes his protector. 1830, Julien Sorel lives in Paris as an employee of the de la Mole family. Despite his moving among high society and his intellectual talents, the family and their friends condescend to Julien for being an uncouth plebeian. Marquis, his employer, whom he respects. Meanwhile, the Marquis’s bored daughter, Mathilde de la Mole, has become emotionally torn between her romantic attraction to Julien, for his admirable personal and intellectual qualities, and her social repugnance at becoming sexually intimate with a lower-class man. Prince Korasoff, a Russian man-of-the-world. At great emotional cost, Julien feigns indifference to Mathilde, provoking her jealousy with a sheaf of love-letters meant to woo Madame de Fervaques, a widow in the social circle of the de la Mole family.

Marquis that Julien Sorel is a social-climbing cad who preys upon emotionally vulnerable women. Julien is imprisoned and sentenced to death. Mathilde tries to save him by bribing local officials, and Madame de Rênal, still in love with Julien, refuses to testify and asks for his acquittal. Despite this, along with the efforts of priests who have looked after him since his early childhood, Julien Sorel is determined to die because the materialist society of Restoration France will not accommodate a low-born man of superior intellect and æsthetic sensibility who possesses neither money nor social connections. Mathilde’s prison visits to him a duty. When Julien learns he did not kill Madame de Rênal, his genuine love for her is resurrected — having lain dormant throughout his Parisian time — and she continues to visit him in jail.