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One writer claims Socrates used his method of instruction. He came frequently to Sophists dialogue pdf full text on public business.

In the dialogues of Plato he is mentioned or introduced with a certain degree of esteem, compared with the other sophists. 50 drachmae, probably according to whether the hearers limited themselves to a single lecture or a more complete course. Prodicus is said to have amassed a great amount of money. The assertion that he hunted after rich young men is only found in Philostratus. He was a Sophist in the full sense of a professional freelance educator. Prodicus’ linguistic theory, and his insistence upon the correct use of names. In several of the Platonic dialogues Socrates appears as the friend and companion of Prodicus, which reveals at least that the two did have close personal relations, and that Socrates did attend at least a few of his lectures.

But Prodicus, though his linguistic teaching undoubtedly included semantic distinctions between ethical terms, had stopped at the threshold. There appeared two women, the one of dignified beauty, adorned with purity, modesty, and discretion, the other of a voluptuous form, and meretricious look and dress. The latter promises to lead him by the shortest road, without any toil, to the enjoyment of every pleasure. The other, while she reminds him of his progenitors and his noble nature, does not conceal from him that the gods have not granted what is really beautiful and good apart from trouble and careful striving. This outline in Xenophon probably represents, in a very abbreviated form, the leading ideas of the original, of which no fragments remain. Prodicus undertakes to show that the value of external goods depends simply upon the use which is made of them, and that virtue must be learnt. Also found here is a doctrine that death is not to be feared, as it affects neither the living nor the departed.