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BC is produced by a few strains of bacteria and has unique properties that are not displayed single page web applications javascript end-to-end pdf mikowski other biomaterials. In situ and ex situ modification methods for BC in the most recent 5 years are reviewed. Ex situ modification methods achieved by physical and chemical treatments are reviewed. Applications of modified BC in tissue engineering are discussed.

Because of its excellent mechanical properties, outstanding biocompatibilities, and abilities to form porous structures, BC has been studied for a variety of applications in different fields, including the use as a biomaterial for scaffolds in tissue engineering. To extend its applications in tissue engineering, native BC is normally modified to enhance its properties. BC and its applications in tissue engineering, particularly in bone regeneration and wound dressing. 2016 Published by Elsevier B. Time series clustering has been shown effective in providing useful information in various domains.

There seems to be an increased interest in time series clustering as part of the effort in temporal data mining research. To provide an overview, this paper surveys and summarizes previous works that investigated the clustering of time series data in various application domains. The past researchs are organized into three groups depending upon whether they work directly with the raw data either in the time or frequency domain, indirectly with features extracted from the raw data, or indirectly with models built from the raw data. The uniqueness and limitation of previous research are discussed and several possible topics for future research are identified. Moreover, the areas that time series clustering have been applied to are also summarized, including the sources of data used. It is hoped that this review will serve as the steppingstone for those interested in advancing this area of research. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution.

Industrial Engineering from Lehigh University in 1990 and is currently a Professor with the Industrial Engineering Department, Louisiana State University. His research interests include soft computing, pattern recognition, data mining, and their applications in manufacturing. International Journal of Industrial Engineering. Starting with a complete overview of Aurelia and what makes it a great SPA framework you’ll dive straight into building your first Aurelia application.

Far more than an Aurelia reference, this book teaches you to design and build production-quality single page web applications. You’ll then dig deep into templating and data binding the Aurelia way. You’ll also learn about routing, working with HTTP, and extending Aurelia. Finishing everything off, you’ll tune, secure, and deploy your finished SPAs, giving you everything you need to create modern web apps for a modern world. I was completely new to Aurelia and it helped me to understand what makes Aurelia different. I was planning on using Angular on my next project but now will use Aurelia. Aurelia isn’t anywhere near as scary as Angular.