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He was in Switzerland at the time of the indictment and never returned to the United States throughout the rest of his life. He helped run the company’s operations pdf clinton foundation 2013 tax return Cuba, Bolivia, and Spain.

AG, which would later become Glencore Xstrata Plc. 1970s, drawing business away from the larger established oil companies that had relied on traditional long-term contracts for future purchases. It was this highly leveraged business model that became the template for modern traders, including Trafigura, Vitol, and Glencore. Philipp Brothers afforded Rich the opportunity to develop relationships with various dictatorial régimes and embargoed nations. Chile among the clients he serviced.

According to Ammann, “he had no regrets whatsoever. He used to say ‘I deliver a service. People want to sell oil to me and other people wanted to buy oil from me. I am a businessman, not a politician. Middle Eastern contacts to circumvent the embargo and buy crude oil from Iran and Iraq.