Norman mailer armies of the night pdf


Mailer’s unique norman mailer armies of the night pdf of the non-fiction novel was one of only a few at the time, and received the most critical attention. Why Are We in Vietnam? While to some extent satirizing Capote’s model, Mailer’s role in center stage is hardly self-glamorizing, as the narrative recounts the events leading up to the March as well as his subsequent arrest and night in jail.

Its anti-star was author Norman Mailer, who proved even less prepared to explain Why Are We In Vietnam? The non-conformity which Mailer exhibits to Capote’s criterion was the beginning of a feud that never resolved between the authors, and was ended with Capote’s death in 1984. Written in third person with Norman Mailer as the protagonist, this section is purported to be a first-hand account of Mailer’s activities during the March. After beginning with an excerpt from Time, the novel begins with Norman Mailer at home answering a call from Mitch Goodman, a friend from college, asking him to join the March on the Pentagon and specifically join a demonstration ” at the Department of Justice to honor students who are turning in their draft cards”.