Linux performance tuning and capacity planning pdf


This article is about the Sun Microsystems filesystem. Zettabyte File System”, it is no longer considered an initialism. ZFS became a standard feature of Linux performance tuning and capacity planning pdf 10 in June 2006.

ZFS filesystem in an open-source manner. The management of the individual devices and their presentation as a single device, is distinct from the management of the files held on that apparent device. Designed for long term storage of data, and indefinitely scaled datastore sizes with zero data loss, and high configurability. Can store a user-specified number of copies of data or metadata, or selected types of data, to improve the ability to recover from data corruption of important files and structures. Automatic rollback of recent changes to the file system and data, in some circumstances, in the event of an error or inconsistency.

Native handling of tiered storage and caching devices, which is usually a volume related task. ZFS can routinely take snapshots several times an hour of the data system, efficiently and quickly. Alternative caching strategies can be used for data that would otherwise cause delays in data handling. Unlike many file systems, ZFS is intended to work in a specific way and towards specific ends. It expects or is designed with the assumption of a specific kind of hardware environment. If the system is not suitable for ZFS, then ZFS may underperform significantly. On mailing lists and forums there are posts which state ZFS is slow and unresponsive.