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Please journal of health communication 17 3 pdf this error screen to 209. High engagement with cell phones and Internet is linked with anxiety and depression. Using devices to alleviate boredom is not associated with anxiety and depression.

Using devices for emotional coping is associated with anxiety and depression. Path of short-term stress was almost the same irrespective of coping mechanism used. The current study was conducted to explore the relationship between Internet and mobile phone use and mental health. In Study 1, participants were given questionnaires to assess their manner of mobile phone and Internet use and their levels of depression and anxiety. There were strong positive relationships between lower mental health and problematic ICT use, especially when people turned to ICTs to avoid negative experiences or feelings. However, when participants used ICTs merely to escape boredom, no link was found between ICT use and mental health problems. Study 2 was completed to observe how students utilize their mobile phones to cope or escape from feelings related to an anxiety-inducing situation.

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Shift work and the risk of cardiovascular disease. Are work organization interventions effective in preventing or reducing work-related musculoskeletal disorders? Do resources buffer the prospective association of psychosocial work stress with depression? Is self-reported time spent sedentary and in physical activity differentially biased by age, gender, body mass index, and low-back pain?