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2017 to include the flag joey pigza swallowed the key pdf French Guiana. I have received a few requests for the Montessori math software that I previously hosted on another website. The domain name for that website expired and it was no longer accessible. So I have finally brought it back.

I wish had more time to spend on this project. A couple of months ago I had some students who were struggling with division using the Stamp Game. They were not struggling because they didn’t understand it. Yet, they were unable to do long division purely in the abstract. If these were 2nd graders, I would have simply insisted that they continue with the stamp game. However, these are students brand new to the Montessori setting in 4th grade. So I worked through the Stamp Game with them making sure they understood each step, querying them at the right moments.

Once I was sure they understood the logic behind it, I introduced them to the Geometrical Form of Long Division. Maybe this is already out there, but I have not seen it. After student is proficient with division using stamp game. Tell students you will show them the Geometrical Form of Division.

Ask students to follow along with you. Teacher must do each step carefully and in full sight of each student. I do this by holding clipboard with graph paper in front of me and giving the presentation upside down so students see the activity from their perspective. Wait for students to finish writing problem. Ask how many times 3 can go into 4?