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The in the land of silver pdf map of Oz and its neighbouring kingdoms. The regions beyond Oz’s surrounding deserts were introduced after the first Oz book. Each province has its own ruler, but the realm itself has always been ruled by a single monarch. Due to Oz’s worldwide success, Baum decided to return to it four years after The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was published.

Oz is forever sealed off and made invisible to the outside world, but this did not sit well with fans, and he quickly abandoned the idea, writing eight more successful Oz books, and even naming himself the “Royal Historian of Oz”. There are now over 50 novels based upon Baum’s original Oz saga. Elsewhere in the canon, “Ozmie” is also used. Kansas does not have witches and wizards, while Oz does. Oz is described as a “fairy country”, new terminology that remained to explain its wonders. Gillikins, which region was also not named in the first book. Baum, describing it, used “gray” nine times in four paragraphs.

The effect is less consistent in later works. Gillikins is purple, including the plants and mud, and a character can see that he is leaving when the grass turns from purple to green, but it also describes pumpkins as orange and corn as green in that land. His most common technique was to depict the man-made articles and flowers as the color of the country, leaving leaves, grass, and fruit their natural colors. Most of these regions are settled with prosperous and contented people. However, this naturally is lacking in scope for plot. Numerous pockets throughout the land of Oz are cut off from the main culture, for geographic or cultural reasons. Many have never heard of Ozma, making it impossible for them to acknowledge her as their rightful queen.

These regions are concentrated around the edges of the country, and constitute the main settings for books that are set entirely within Oz. Winkie Country, between two settled areas. Ozma speaks of her duty to discover all these stray corners of Oz. Munchkins to the Emerald City. Oz is completely surrounded on all four sides by a desert which insulates the citizens of the Land of Oz from discovery and invasion.