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WOT Community Badge for updatestar. XP, 32 bit and 64 bit editions. Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it. You can choose your hp photosmart 7350 manual pdf settings from within the program.

HP PHOTOSMART 130 MANUAL Pdf Download. View and Download HP Photosmart 130 manual online. HP Photosmart 130: Print Guide. Photosmart 130 Printer pdf manual download.

HP Photosmart 130 on manualslib. Hp photosmart 130: print guide. For information on using your printer with a computer, see the HP Photosmart Printer Help installed with the HP Photosmart printer software. Select HP Photosmart 130, 230, 7150, 7345, 7350, 7550 series 4. Click HP Photosmart Printer Help 5. Imaging Software Help opens, select 6.

2 getting started quick reference To print borderless photos photos with a border on the bottom edge glossy photo paper, without tab test and calibration pages Use this paper glossy photo paper, with tab 10×16. Use plain, 10×15 cm index cards for printing test pages. Load photo paper, install the print cartridge, insert a camera memory card containing photos, then Ready to move the cursor to the area where you want to change a setting. Set 10×15 cm 6×8 cm 1. Set photos to print – 2. Press the Print button and enjoy your photos! Front view Back view Control panel USB port Paper tray door Print cartridge door Rear paper path Power adapter connection Important: Make sure the rear paper path is clear of any obstructions.

Note: The LCD icons are described on the following pages. LCD icons The icons on the top portion of the LCD indicate the status of different printer areas. Icon Attention icon Number of photos Memory card icon DPOF icon Paper and Print Cartridge icon Description Indicates something is wrong and the printer needs attention. The bottom portion of the LCD is where you select the photo size, photo number or range, and number of copies to be printed. Use Tip: to change settings within a section. Icon Paper Count icon More Paper icon Description The Paper Count icon shows the number of sheets of paper needed to complete the print job with the current settings. The maximum number of pages the paper stack can show is six.

If the print job requires more than six pages, the More Paper icon appears next to the paper stack. Software and Printer Help on CD Important: Place the printer on a flat, stable surface. Make sure you place the printer at least 10 inches away from a wall or any obstruction to allow space for the paper to move during printing. Insert the small end of the power adapter into the power adapter connection on the back of the printer.

Make sure it is connected firmly. Unfold the two metal prongs on the power adapter. Press the button on the top of the printer. Power The printer light turns green when the printer is turned on. The printer takes about 10 seconds to power up. For best printing results, use HP Photo Paper. HP papers can be found at most computer and office supply stores or on the Web at: www.

As it prints, the printer pulls the paper straight through the paper slot, out the back, and then through to the front again. Be sure the rear paper path of the printer is at least 10 inches away from any obstruction. Move the paper width guide on the paper tray to fit close to the left edge of the paper without bending the paper. This allows the paper to feed into the printer correctly so that your photos will print straight. To get the best performance from your printer, use only genuine HP factory-filled print cartridges. Damage to the printer or cartridge resulting from the modification or refilling of HP print cartridges is specifically excluded from HP warranty coverage.

To install the print cartridge: 1. Take the new print cartridge out of its package and pull the tape Note: Do NOT touch the ink nozzles or the copper contacts on the print cartridge. Touching these parts may cause print cartridge failure. Copper contacts Ink nozzles 2. Place the print cartridge in the print cartridge cradle with the copper contacts facing toward the inside of the printer and the ink nozzles facing down.