How to save webpage as pdf from chrome


You might have faced this problem This webpage has too many redirects or How to save webpage as pdf from chrome Webpage has a Redirect Loop, check out here to know the solution behind. The vast web is full with lots of problems, but the solution are always around if you are a good seeker.

Every time I try to reach my Gmail account in Google Chrome, this redirection loop was avoiding to get me access of it. Have you ever faced this problem, where a user every-time is redirected to this web page shown below? There are several situations which force the webmasters  to redirect from one URL to another. Specially, if the webmasters change the structure of an URL, redirection becomes necessary to route the traffic from the old location to new page. What is a Webpage Redirection? The URL is the unique address of a webpage in the Internet. Every webpage is a part of a website with an unique domain name.

For example, you can compare the domain name as a country name and the webpages as the street address of that country. Now, if you give someone your home address, you will give the street address as well as the country name. Now, if you changed your location recently, what will you do? You would put a board at your old address that you have recently changed your address. So that, if any letter comes to that old place, it can be re-sent to the new address. Similarly, if you change the URL of a webpage, you need to tell the visitors that this URL is left and you should visit the new URL.

Technically, you can route the visitors to the new webpage address without telling them anything. This is called webpage redirection. What is Webpage Redirect Loop? The webpage redirect loop mainly happens due to mistakes from the webmasters. If you are a webmaster, you should always take care of redirecting webpages in a linear flow.