How to save noteflight score as pdf


Fun concept that has created some phenomenal music performances that may otherwise have never come about. Both make creating a how to save noteflight score as pdf a snap.

Both come recommended and use several accepted bibliography formatting. Screen shot 2011-03-28 at 7. If you are looking for a new listening and analysis music lesson idea check out this blog posting. Should be fun for both the students and teachers to see if they can pick a winner.

Application That Lets Your Hear Notated Music. CEO that has performed from Carnegie Hall to concert halls around the world. He wanted to help his daughter with her music. I guess she was having trouble figuring out the right rhythms and notes to play. It gave him an idea for a new software that could play sheet music so that a student could hear the music the way it is suppose to be played.

It looks like it could be very useful for many upcoming musicians. Screen shot 2011-03-08 at 7. Great for listening and analysis practice. Listen to these examples of cover versions of famous songs and get students to reflect on what they hear and then articulate why they prefer one over the other. They can then find their own examples of songs that have been covered by other artists. A great way to be introduced to new music artists that you might not have listened to otherwise.

Make sure your music students use proper music vocabulary and the elements of music to describe why they like one version better than another. Get them to reflect and leave a comment on a blog posting. Rob Kapilow’s wonderful podcasts and recordings. I previously did a post on Rob Kapilow and have found it so good I decided to make another about another album he has on another piece by Mozart. 12 IB Music History class. Rob gives a wonderful commentary of the music as it is played so the listener can home in on what to listen for. Give your students the knowledge to become better listeners.