How to open pdf ipad


Please how to open pdf ipad this error screen to 162. Tips and Tricks that will make your Digital Life better.

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With the advent of technology more and more people have started using smart phones and tablets to get their daily digital needs done. We are using it from checking emails, listening music to reading documents and books. Product makers are pushing the limits to give all experience what your desktop can give right on your tablets and phones. Tablets are being preferred by professionals because it gives a rich wide screen view where they can check their daily official email, read documents, prepare reports, make presentations etc. Similarly smart phones with the amazing features and capability they have become an inevitable part of our daily life. Consider a situation your boss has sent an official document of high importance that requires an immediate update from your side. Let’s see some apps and services that will be handy in situations like these.

This is one of the simplest solution. Convert documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and drawings to the corresponding Google Docs format. This is an alternative to Google Docs. This is one of our favorite app.

So you get to have the usual look and feel of office software. It also integrates with Dropbox. Apple for the Mac OS X and iOS operating systems. Know any other apps or services? Do share it with us. I’d Love to Hear Yours! 4 clicks and shares it facebook, without requiring facebook account access.

Did that, still doesn’t open! Can you explain it please? This viewer is specially designed for Microsoft Office documents. Is Your Business Dashboard a TIGER?

Here’s Your Chance to Be Heard! Click here to cancel reply. Permanent Link to Skype 5. Permanent Link to How To: Copy Folder Structure and Contents in Google Drive? How To: Copy Folder Structure and Contents in Google Drive? Why Vimeo Videos are not Playing in Firefox?