How to flatten pdf indesign acrobat 9 pro


I have seen the future! I saw one of the alpha versions of how to flatten pdf indesign acrobat 9 pro product in action. It then pointed to the PDF document and opened it. Text in the PDF was converted to text frames.

Images in the PDF were converted to images with a choice of JPEG, TIFF, or PNG. There was a setting to map fonts if the fonts in the PDF did not exist on the system. There was a setting to convert just text, or just image, or everything! And based on my input, the director of engineering said it would be very easy to make it so that annotations in the PDF would also be converted to text on its own layer. And so does Adobe which sent a contingent of ID people to talk to them. The product won’t be available till about May. I haven’t been this excited about a plug-in since Sree’s Cool Tools for Illustrator 5!

That is both helpful and nightmarish, since it flies in the face of the philosophy of a page layout software and a PDF being the controllable end of the road. I presume secured PDF will not open and convert? I didn’t ask about secured PDF, but I can’t imagine that they have figured out how to beat the password control for opening a document. 3D effects is a nightmare to deal with and print. Editing them is even more painful.

Or MS Publisher for that matter. As a print company we have to deal with those all the time. I can’t say what will happen for something from Word, but the guys did specifically say that they would be supporting transparency. It’s very unlikely that an ID document saved to PDF and then re-opened using this plug-in would actually be the same.