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The hour game david baldacci pdf free download members are Oliver Stone, Reuben Rhodes, Caleb Shaw, and Milton Farb. The four are political watch-dogs, who are always looking for conspiracies within the government. Oliver Stone is the leader of the Camel Club.

Stone is the crypt keeper of the Mt. Stone was a former member of the esteemed and fictional “Triple Six” division of the CIA that was composed of highly skilled government assassins. Stone himself is also monitored by the government, which constantly has agents watching him. Stone’s past are killed by Harry Finn, whose ultimate goal is to kill former CIA Director Carter Gray. After a few years of drug usage in England, Rhodes returned to the States, where he met Stone, who got him a job unloading trucks.

He, like Rhodes, was a protestor of the Vietnam war. Shaw is also known for always wearing clothing from the 19th century. Shaw’s boss is murdered in the sealed Rare Book Room. As a child, his parents had him act in a side show, adding extremely high numbers in his head and reciting extremely long sections of text without faltering. Farb’s gifts allow him to win extremely high amounts of money at casino games, such as blackjack. Farb was hired by the National Health Institute, but was fired after sending a threatening letter to the President.

With medication, Farb was able to make a small fortune, with which he started a company for designing Web sites. Farb was the first of the group to warm up to Annabelle Conroy. Along with the original four, the Camel Club acquires additional members from people who share similar goals. Brennan and a captured Muslim terrorist. He is made a member of the Club at the end of the book. Oliver Stone asks for Ford’s help as part of the climax of the novel.