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The series is set in the distant future when Japan has been conquered by other countries and divided up into feudal territories. A 13-episode second season aired horizon in the middle of nowhere pdf July and September 2012. Tenky, and was released in Japan on April 25, 2013.

In the far future, humans abandon a devastated Earth and travel to outer space. However, due to an unknown phenomenon that prevents them from traveling into space, humanity returns to Earth only to find it inhospitable except for Japan. To accommodate the entire human population, pocket dimensions are created around Japan to house the returned populace. In order to find a way to return to outer space, the humans begin reenacting human history according to the Holy Book Testament. But in the year 1413 of the Testament Era, the nations of the pocket dimensions invade and conquer Japan, dividing the territory into feudal fiefdoms and forcing the original inhabitants of Japan to leave.

It is now the year 1648 of the Testament Era, and the refugees of Japan now live in the city ship, Musashi, which constantly travels around Japan while being watched by the Testament Union, the authority that runs the re-enactment of history. However, rumors of an apocalypse and war begin to spread when the Testament stops revealing what happened after 1648. Taking advantage of this situation, Tori Aoi, head of Musashi Ariadust Academy’s Supreme Federation and President of the student council, uses this opportunity to lead his classmates and try to regain their homeland. 13 in the 2012 ranking of top-selling light novels by series with 409,949 estimated copies sold. Japan on April 25, 2013.

80 characters from both media making an appearance. The game sold more than 26,000 copies in its first week after launch. Japan on October 1, 2011. October 4, 2011, followed by a home video release in 2012. Sentai has also licensed the second season for streaming and home video release in 2013. Chō Gekijōban Keroro Gunsō 2: Shinkai no Princess de Arimasu! Chibi Kero: Secret of the Kero Ball!

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