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The game’s logo floats above them, while the background consists of a faded image of a woman wearing an elaborate costume. After defeating Edea, the protagonists learn that she was under the control of Ultimecia, a sorceress from the future who wishes to compress time. 2000 and re-released via Steam in 2013 and in Japan during 2014. As of December 2013, it has sold more than 8. The interface is menu-driven, as in previous titles, but with the typical weapon and armor systems removed and new features present, such as the Junction system. Three characters in a battle with a monster which resembles a mechanical spider. A gray menu at the bottom of the image shows the characters’ health and bars representing the time left until they can act.

Guardian Forces”, abbreviated in-game as “GF”. Draw Points distributed throughout the environments, or by refining items and cards. Strength, Vitality, and Luckā€”for various bonuses, provided the character has junctioned a Guardian Force. The junction system’s flexibility affords the player a wide range of customization. The junction system also acts as a substitute for armor and accessories, which were used in earlier games to modify character statistics. Limit Breaks”, which range from powerful attacks to support spells.

Limit Breaks appearing, regardless of a character’s remaining hit points, while various status afflictions can prevent Limit Breaks. Successfully completing an interactive sequence increases the potency of the Limit Break. The essentials remain unchained: characters gain EXP after defeating enemies, which are typically encountered randomly throughout the game’s environments. Earning a set amount of EXP causes the character to gain a level, which increases their overall statistics. 2 requires 200 EXP, level 3 requires 400, etc. RPGs, enemy levels remain stagnant.

Some bosses have level caps to prevent the main quest from becoming too difficult. Higher-level enemies are capable of inflicting and withstanding significantly more damage, may have additional special attacks, and carry additional magic spells, allowing for Junctioning bonuses which themselves far exceed the bonuses imparted by level-gain. Level 100 before even beginning the plot, though this will result in far more powerful enemies. When a Guardian Force has learned an ability, that ability becomes available for any character or the character party, as is the case with field abilities. These abilities allow characters to attack more efficiently, refine magic spells from items, receive stat bonuses upon leveling up, access shops remotely, and use additional battle commands.

The planet contains five major landmasses, with Esthar, the largest, covering most of the eastern portion of the map. The northernmost landmass is Trabia, an Arctic region. The remaining landmass is small and mostly desolate, riddled with rough, rocky terrain caused by the impact of a “Lunar Cry”, an event where monsters from the moon fall to the planet. Islands and marine structures flesh out the rest of the game world, and a handful of off-world locations round out the game’s playable areas. All but Rinoa are members of “SeeD”, an elite military force based out of futuristic installations called Gardens.

Squall and Seifer scar each other in a training session outside Balamb Garden. Meanwhile, the Republic of Galbadia invades the Dollet Dukedom, forcing Dollet to hire assistance from Balamb Garden. Quistis, Squall passes the mission’s prerequisite and is grouped with Seifer and Zell. Seifer disobeys orders and abandons his team, forcing Selphie to accompany Squall and Zell. Seifer is disciplined for his disobedience.