File explorer how to change pdf previewer


One of the many features of Microsoft Outlook is the ability to preview attachments prior to opening or saving them to your computer. Saving a PDF attachment to your desktop is an alternative to file explorer how to change pdf previewer the same file in Outlook. This enables you to quickly view important documents to verify the attachment’s contents prior to downloading them. Problems with Microsoft Outlook or the Adobe Acrobat reader may prevent you from previewing these attachments in Outlook.

There are several methods that you can follow to gain access to PDFs and other attachments that Outlook is unable to preview. Previewing attachments through Microsoft Outlook requires that the attachment previewer feature be enabled. Some installations of Microsoft Outlook may have this option disabled as a security mechanism to prevent home or office networks from opening or transmitting computer viruses. To enable the previewer, select “File,” then click “Options. Select the Trust Center menu from the Options sub-menu, then open the “Trust Center Settings” and select the “Attachment Handling” option. Click the radial box to enable email attachment previewing.


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