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GIINII GD-250 USER MANUAL Pdf Download. GD-250 Dash Cameras pdf manual download. 3 About faire pivoter pdf et enregistrer Guide .

4 Notes on Installation . 5 Features 5 Package Contents 6 Product Overview . About this Guide The content in this document is for information purpose and is subject to change without prior notice. We made every effort to ensure that this User Guide is accurate and complete. However, no liability is assumed for any errors and omissions that may have occurred.

The manufacturer reserves the right to change the technical specifications without prior notice. Due to local laws and vehicles safety considerations, do not manually operate the device while driving. 1 Introduction Thank you for purchasing this advanced Dash Cam. This device is specifically designed for real time video and audio recording when driving.

1 Inserting the Memory Card Insert the memory card with the gold contacts facing the back of the Dash Cam. Push the memory card until it clicks into place. It is recommended to format the micro SD cards before the initial use. 2 Installing in Vehicles 2.