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The house became the new residence of the Edsel and Eleanor Ford family in 1929. Construction on the house began in 1926. 1925 and its dismantled eleanor and park pdf free and fittings were in the process of being dispersed.

Harris suggests that this already once removed paneling had come from another ‘Brudenell seat. He also designed bedrooms and sitting rooms for all three of Edsel and Eleanor’s sons. Reproductions were hung in their place. Jensen originally disapproved of this claiming that it would ruin the landscape which was designed to look completely natural. Eleanor and Jensen eventually came to a compromise and the rose garden was placed behind some native bushes which was out of sight of the meadow that is the focal piece of the front lawn. Instead he opted for finely trimmed bushes and square grassy areas. Lake Shore Drive, often mistaken for the actual house.

It features working electricity and plumbing and an exterior decorated with characters from nursery rhymes. For William on his 21st birthday the family enlisted a company which built a full size replica pirate ship on the lagoon as a party showpiece. 1943 and his wife Eleanor Ford lived there until her death in 1976. It was her wish that the property be used for “the benefit of the public”.

The grounds include the frontage on Ford’s Cove, the total Lake St. Several restoration projects have been started in recent years, most of which were to fix the deteriorating masonry on the main house, the play house, and the various walks. The Edsel Ford house relies on donations as well as an original trust set up by Mrs. Ford to continue restoration work. 15,000,000 USD when she handed the house over in trust in the 1970s. The roof was torn down to the base wood all of which was replaced where needed. The stone was selected to match the existing stone from the same quarry as the original.