Diazepam and alcohol cause of death autopsy pdf


A study of victims of alcohol abuse was performed on the case files of the Office of the Medical Examiner diazepam and alcohol cause of death autopsy pdf Metropolitan Dade County in Miami, Florida. During the year 1983, all cases in which alcoholism, either acute or chronic, was the cause of death primarily or contributory in a natural or accidental manner of death were collected.

These 118 cases were then analyzed as to the age, race, sex, and cause of death of the victim along with the blood alcohol content, the drugs detected at autopsy, the scence circumstances, the geographic location of the terminal incident, noting whether or not there was a history of drinking prior to the terminal incident, the average weights of key target organs, and the histopathology of the liver. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. 1985 Published by Elsevier Ireland Ltd. Beta-HBA can be reliably measured in postmortem samples of vitreous humour and urine.

In fatalities where there is a history of chronic alcoholism and routine investigations, including autopsy and routine toxicology, yield only a fatty liver as positive findings, a raised level of beta-HBA can be used as an indicator for alcoholic ketosis. Alcoholic ketosis is often associated with antemortem hypoglycemia. A measurement of this marker of alcoholic ketosis may also help in the investigation of cases where hypothermia or alcohol withdrawal fits are suspected. Formerly Lecturer in Forensic Medicine, University of Leeds, UK, where some of this research was performed.