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Wayne and Marcia Buske Distinguished Fellow in David davis white paper pdf since 2004. Hanson is a student of current affairs, particularly regarding the U.

Middle East, national defense issues and illegal immigration. His mother, Pauline Davis Hanson, was a lawyer and a California superior court and state appeals court justice, his father was a farmer, educator and junior college administrator. University of California, Santa Cruz. National Review Online since 2001, and has not missed a weekly column for either venue since he began. Hanson was also awarded the Claremont Institute’s Statesmanship Award at its annual Churchill Dinner, and the Bradley Prize from the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation in 2008.

PhD thesis, argued that Greek warfare could not be understood apart from agrarian life in general, and suggested that the modern assumption that agriculture was irrevocably harmed during classical wars was vastly overestimated. Greek battle and detailed the Hellenic foundations of later Western military practice. Hanson lamented the decline of family farming and rural communities, and the loss of agrarian voices in American democracy. California and an account of immigration from Mexico—Hanson that predicted illegal immigration would soon reach crisis proportions, unless legal, measured, and diverse immigration was restored, as well as the traditional melting-pot values of integration, assimilation, and intermarriage. Hanson offered an alternative history, arranged by methods of fighting—triremes, hoplites, cavalry, sieges, etc. Non-western societies can win occasional victories when warring against a society with these western values, writes Hanson, but the “Western way of war” will likely prevail in the long run.