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Official case law publishing may be carried out by a government agency, or by a commercial entity. However, a headnote is not part of the decision rendered. Headnotes occasionally contain misinterpretations of the law in judgments of lower courts, and are not regarded as part of an official judgment or precedent. A note of the arguments of counsel before the judge. This is often omitted in modern reports. Because a court can post a decision on a Web site as soon as it is rendered, the need for a quickly printed case in an unofficial, commercial report becomes less crucial. However, the very ease of internet publication has raised new concerns about the ease with which internet-published decisions can be modified after publication, creating uncertainty about the validity of internet opinions.

Web site, and the sites of its member organizations. Furthermore, turning away from the traditional “official-commercial” print report model raises questions about the accuracy, authority, and reliability of case law found on the Web. The volume number is usually printed in large type to make it easy to spot. There are also general reporters, such as the long-running Dominion Law Reports, that publishes cases of national significance. English courts down to the present time. Until the nineteenth century, both the quality of early reports, and the extent to which the judge explained the facts of the case and his judgment, are highly variable, and the weight of the precedent may depend on the reputations of both the judge and the reporter. Such reports are now largely of academic interest, having been overtaken by statutes and later developments, but binding precedents can still be found, often most cogently expressed.