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PENTAX POCKETJET 3 USER MANUAL Pdf Download. Pentax user’s cr vii+ & viii guide of registration.pdf printer pocketjet 3, pocketjet 3 plus.

Printer User’s Guide The Future of Portable Printing . Symbian OS is a trademark of Symbian Ltd. PALM and PALM OS are trademarks of Palm, Inc. RBRC is a trademark of the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation. AC adapter supplied with the printer.

3 Plus AC adapter is designed to fit many 115 volt outlets and is shown below. NiMH battery packs into the trash or municipal waste stream, which is illegal in some areas. Pentax payments to RBRC makes it easy for you to drop the spent battery pack at local retailers of replacement NiMH batteries or at authorized Pentax product service centers. Interface via USB cable or built-in wireless infrared. The printers may also be used with IrDA capable hosts. For one year from the date of original purchase, Pentax will repair or replace a failed unit with a new or rebuilt unit when it is returned postpaid to an authorized Pentax service center.

Unpacking the Printer Read and follow any instructions on any Read Me First sheet that may be included in your kit. A typical printer kit contains the items shown in Figure 1. AC power outlets in the U. Canada, and some Central and South American countries. A plug adapter may be necessary for AC power in other countries or you can contact your local reseller or Pentax for further assistance.