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Vietnamese is not formatted correctly for an English article. The name is most likely derived colloquial cantonese the complete course for beginners pdf a Chinese surname.

Many events in Vietnamese history have contributed to the name’s prominence. Lý to change their surname to Nguyễn. 1407, many of his descendants changed their surname to Nguyễn in fear of retribution. Nguyễn, while others fled north into China. The Nguyễn Dynasty awarded many people the surname Nguyễn during their rule, and many criminals also changed their surname to Nguyễn to avoid prosecution. As with other common surnames, people having this surname are not necessarily related.

The prevalence of Nguyễn as a family name in Vietnam extends to outside the country, due to numerous and widespread Vietnamese emigrants. 54th most common in France. It is ranked 124th in the U. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. In Vietnamese tradition, people are referred to by their personal names and not by their family names even in formal situations. Thus, there is not as much confusion about who is being referred to as one might expect.