tips exporting a datatable to pdf


I have written on the topic. tips exporting a datatable to pdf you’ll discover that an image does not look and position the same in your PDF as it does in your HTML Web page. If you are interested in creating a good-looking document that’s tailored to the PDF format then I definitely suggest doing so in your code rather than in your HTML mark-up. As you can see this is quite straightforward.

Next you will want to add your image to your PDF document. This code will add the logo image to your PDF document header before your HTML is added. However you’ll note that the image doesn’t look quite the same as it did in your image editing software or in your Web browser. You’ll need to take a look at scaling the image so that it keeps the look you want it to have in your PDF document, which I cover in the next section. The simplest and most effective way to pad your image from your content is to add a few pixels of white-space to your image bottom in your favorite image editing software. HTML document, which also makes the image look pixelated and choppy.

If you want the image to act as a header aligned at the top left corner of your document, then you can simply add the image to your document before you stream in your HTML page. This example consists of two pages. Web site into which the generated PDF documents can be written. NET worker process to write a file to it.