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Comparison of C Sharp and Visual Basic . Comparison of Visual Basic choose pdf standard and compatibility Visual Basic .

C, and was designed to be mostly source-and-link compatible with C compilers of the time. 11 provides and generalizes the functionality of C99 compound literals, although with some semantic differences. 11 allows the programmer to use custom integer types for the values of an enum. C this is not necessary. No such issue exists in C. In C, a function prototype without parameters, e.

The last member of a C99 structure type with more than one member may be a “flexible array member”, which takes the syntactic form of an array with unspecified length. This serves a purpose similar to variable-length arrays, but VLAs cannot appear in type definitions, and unlike VLAs, flexible array members have no defined size. Array parameter qualifiers in functions. C compilers are afforded the discretion to choose between using inline and external definitions of the same function when both are visible. Several of the other differences from the previous section can also be exploited to create code that compiles in both languages but behaves differently. Sun compiler docs on linkage scope. This page was last edited on 19 December 2017, at 02:12.