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SSA52 autoantibodies are more frequent than other autoantibodies possibly because of the antigen’s accessible and ubiquitous nature. The sites involved and the symptoms associated childhood domains ssa description pdf these autoantibodies depend on the antigen’s structural variability.

SSA52 antibodies have little impact on adult rheumatic autoimmune diseases or adult cardiac arrhythmias, but the course of autoimmune liver diseases is greatly worsened by their presence, and solid tumours tend to relapse. However, the majority of the specific diagnosis is mostly based on the simultaneous presence of other autoantibodies that seems diagnostically more relevant. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. Externalising data: 921 children with six waves between age 1. Latent class analyses identified five classes with distinct developmental patterns. Risk factors at age 1.

5 years discriminated between the classes. Family stress and maternal age discriminated a High stable class uniquely. Findings have implications for early preventive and intervention efforts. The overall aim of the current study was to identify typical trajectory classes of externalising behaviour, and to identify predictors present already in infancy that discriminate the trajectory classes.