Can i password protect a pdf in reader


All major web browsers out there for Windows operating system include can i password protect a pdf in reader-in PDF readers. If that’s not enough, both Windows 8 and Windows 10 support PDF files out of the box, meaning you can view PDF files without having to install any third-party software. Most Windows users using one of the popular web browsers will never feel the need of a good PDF reader.

Unlike most other PDF readers out there, Gaaiho PDF Reader sports an elegant user interface with plethora of features. The interface of the Gaaiho Reader is so beautiful that it’s hard tell that it’s a free PDF reader. When it comes features department, Gaaiho Reader is probably the first and only PDF reader with so many features. You can edit your PDF file by adding annotations, comments, bookmarks, stamps, and handwritten signature. You can highlight a word, line or selected portion of the document. One can add handwritten signature to PDF files, password protect the PDF using the encryption feature, and search through the PDF file to find a word or phrase.

PDF file, a very useful feature if you want to always carry a software or another file with your important PDF file. Last but not the least, Gaaiho PDF Reader allows you quickly upload your PDF files your Dropbox account. If you don’t own a Dropbox account, worry not, it lets you send PDF files using Email. PDF files to Text with a few mouse clicks. 42 MB and can be downloaded from the following link. FREE software is just awesome!

Cathy, thanks for reading our article and trying our recommendation. Gaaiho PDF Reader is certainly better than the Adobe Reader. I usually use Adobe Reader — because it’s the famous one. After reading this and tried Gaaiho PDF Reader, it’s better than my imagination that I changed my default PDF program. I was using SumatraPDF which was very lightweight, but after trying this and seeing that it generates document thumbnails in the file explorer I made the switch.

Your email address will not be published. Download VLC Media Player 3. Adobe PDF file format is not secure! Would You Be Interested in Learning More? The stories go on and on.

In Fact, It Even Happened to Me. I came across my split-testing article! So What Did I do? 128-bit RC4 encryption that is supported by Acrobat Reader 3. Ability to encrypt and decrypt PDF files for Adobe Acrobat 3.