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A logo depicting elements of public education. A collection of resources to support implementation of the Common Core State Standards. This informational flyer was developed by the American Chamber of Commerce Executives in collaboration with the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium to inform the business community about what the Smarter Balanced assessment system caaspp practice test pdf ela mean for them. Information about the process and timeline for the revision of the Mathematics Framework to align with the CCSS.

This is a feature of the CDE CCSS Update Listserv to highlight and share Web sites, curriculum, lessons, units, communications, and other online resources developed by California schools, districts, and county offices of education to support the use of the CCSS. English Language Development Framework Professional Learning Launch Events information. Addresses the Smarter Balanced Comprehensive Plan and the collaborative role of teachers to facilitate the changes being implemented to improve teaching and learning. Addresses common questions that are asked about the Smarter Balanced Assessments. California’s Career Technical Education Model Curriculum Standards—that describe in general terms what students need to succeed beyond academic skills in transitioning to postsecondary education, career training, or the workforce. This six-minute video provides a general introduction to the Digital Library with endorsements from California educators who are using formative assessment resources from the Digital Library. Adopted by the State Board of Education January 2015.

The CAASPP Communications Toolkit is a link to Smarter Balanced Summative Assessment resources, including communications and key informational documents to inform schools, families, and community representatives about online summative testing. Literacy and the CA ELD Standards. This video provides an overview of the Mathematics Framework for California Public Schools, which provides guidance to teachers, administrators, and other educators for implementing the CA CCSS for Mathematics. This handout includes information about transitioning to the CCSS for business and community leaders.

This handout includes information about transitioning to the CCSS for local school boards. ELD Framework regarding the foundational skills of reading with a focus on the skills as they relate to literacy development in English. In grades 3 through 8 and 11 for ELA and mathematics. Preliminary test blueprints, accessibility and accommodation information, Common Core State Standards, presentations, frequently asked questions, and fact sheets. Program updates and presentations for the Assessment and Accountability Information Meetings. Each LEA has been provided with a unique Web address linked to its own survey and is free to update its responses at any time.