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Subscriber and view counts updated as of 22 January 2018. Swedish web-based comedian and video producer. The following year, he dropped out of Chalmers after becoming disinterested with his degree field, much to the dismay of his parents. Maker’s sub-networks Polaris and, later, Revelmode. Maker Studios ended their partnership with him, dropping him from their network. While he criticised the coverage of the situation and defended his content as jokes that were taken out of context, he conceded its offensiveness.

Holding the position since 22 December 2013, the channel has 60 million subscribers as of January 2018. 2010 CIO of the Year in Sweden. To get into Chalmers for industrial economics you need straight A’s, but somehow I was happier selling hot dogs and making my own gaming-videos. I dropped out of university because I didn’t like it. As his channel grew, he began to branch out in terms of his video content, uploading live-action and animated comedy shorts. In 2014, he began to more actively play games that interested him, regardless if they were of the horror genre or not.

By early 2017, he had uploaded almost 3,500 videos to his channel, around 400 of which have been made private. I really shouldn’t be doing it, I really should just fucking go back and upload twice a week or some shit, and then take a step back, but I still really, really love the daily challenge—the daily grind—of just being like, ‘hey, I’m gonna make a video today, no matter what. And sometimes it really works, and sometimes it doesn’t. Photoshop art, as well as working at a hot dog stand.