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Feature rich PDF Editor to quickly and easily work best pdf program for windows PDF documents. Leverage Foxit’s powerful, standard-compliant PDF technology.

Free feature rich PDF readers on desktop and mobile devices. 2D barcode generation engine to capture PDF fillable form data. Set of command line modules to perform specific workflow tasks. Next-generation PDF, turning isolated documents into smart documents, facilitating collaboration, tracking, and security. I have had a very positive experience with Foxit and am happy to recommend the company to anyone looking for excellent PDF software. This is by far the best PDF software I’ve used in ages. I am very pleased with the ease of use and functionality of the program.

I used to dread working on PDF’s in Adobe Writer. Foxit is much more intuitive and makes my life a little less stressful. It’s doing everything I hoped it would, and more I have yet to learn. Foxit is without a doubt, the best PDF software I have ever used. It is much better than Nuance, by the way. Congratulations on an excellent product, and a big saving over Acrobat Pro, which I was using.

Greatest customer service in my entire life. It’s awesome and I probably not even fully aware of features. So far we are loving the many options available with your software. If you’re looking for a free alternative to Adobe Reader, one of the best options out there currently is Foxit PDF Reader. Other than being able to view a PDF file, the program has a huge number of features that pushes it far beyond Adobe Reader and much closer to what Adobe Acrobat can do. I used Adobe Reader for years because it was from Adobe and I felt it had to be better because Adobe is a behemoth and they create amazing software like Photoshop! However, being a behemoth is also a bad thing.

Adobe Reader, in my opinion, is bloated and slow. Performance has improved over the years, but it’s still massive compared to a program like Foxit. The best thing is that it can do everything Adobe Reader can plus a whole lot of other stuff. Want to search a bunch of PDF files at once? Want to have the computer read out the whole PDF to you?

Want to create your own PDF file? Want to sign a PDF file securely? Plus, all of this is for free. Of course, there are a few caveats.

Also, you can create simple PDF files from scans, from the clipboard or by adding text boxes and images, but if you want to create more advanced PDF forms, you’ll have to purchase their PhantomPDF software. Still, it’s a lot of functionality for just a PDF reader. In this article, I’ll go through a lot of the features in Foxit and why I like it so much as my primary PDF viewing software. The first thing you’ll notice right off the bat is that the interface looks awfully similar to the new ribbon interface Microsoft introduced in Office 2007. It’s super clean and viewing PDF files in Foxit is an enjoyable experience. It’s so good in fact, it also seems like it would fit perfectly into the Office family of applications.