Bernal diaz del castillo the conquest of new spain pdf


Brazil and Canada, and the crown created civil and religious structures to administer the region. 86 million Spaniards settled in the Americas and a further 3. 250,000 in the 16th century, and most during the 18th century as immigration was encouraged by the new Bernal diaz del castillo the conquest of new spain pdf Dynasty.

Spain’s loss of these last territories politically ended the Spanish rule in the Americas. Even though Castile and Aragon were ruled jointly by their respective monarchs, they remained separate kingdoms. The funding came from the queen of Castile, so the profits from Spanish expedition flowed to Castile. In the extension of Spanish sovereignty to its overseas territories, authority for expeditions of discovery, conquest, and settlement resided in the monarchy. Columbus the governorship of the new territories, and financed more of his trans-Atlantic journeys. Isabella was begun in 1493, on his second voyage. By 1500, despite a high death rate, there were between 300 and 1000 Spanish settled in the area.

The first mainland explorations were followed by a phase of inland expeditions and conquest. The Spanish founded San Sebastian de Uraba in 1509 but abandoned it within the year. Later conquests were protracted campaigns with less spectacular results than the conquest of the Aztecs. Mexico expanded Spanish control over territory and indigenous populations.

Aztecs matched in scope by the victory over the Inca empire in 1532. Spanish city there on April 22, 1519 marked the beginning of 300 years of Spanish hegemony over the region. Buenos Aires suffered attacks by the indigenous peoples that forced the settlers away, and in 1541 the site was abandoned. He dubbed the settlement “Santísima Trinidad” and its port became “Puerto de Santa María de los Buenos Aires.

1717 and permanently in 1739. European expedition to Florida, which he named. Spanish American wars of independence. Mexican independence from Spain and concluded the War. Spain’s other colonies in the Americas. All of the colonies, except Cuba and Puerto Rico, attained independence by the 1820s.