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This is a good article. Follow the link for more information. 2005, and efforts to reopen the school were covered by nationwide news agencies. Extracurricular activities are also offered in the form of performing ben franklin america’s original entrepreneur pdf, school publications, and clubs.

719 South Carrollton Avenue housed the original campus of Benjamin Franklin High School from 1957 to 1990. The building has been vacant since 2013. 1957 under the direction of School Superintendent James F. Redmond and Principal Naomi Gardberg. In response to the order, 2,000 youths surged through New Orleans streets in demonstrations against school integration on November 16, 1960. Only eight Franklin students were absent from class.

Redmond’s “proudest memory of the first day of integration three weeks ago, when truancy was rife, is that ‘my Franklin kids stuck with it. 1962 that Franklin was “one of the finest schools in the country for superior students” and suggested that African American students who met the school’s exacting admissions requirements be admitted. Under pressure from federal courts, Franklin became the first public high school in New Orleans to desegregate in 1963. By 1987, the building had fallen into disrepair and lacked basic air conditioning. Despite these conditions, Franklin maintained a reputation as a place of academic excellence. Gulf States Region in 1994.

The school was closed before the storm hit on August 29, 2005, and remained closed for several months. 3 million in damage was caused by the storm. School administration, faculty, parents, students, alumni, and volunteers participated in a massive cleanup effort, without funding from and independent of the Orleans Parish School Board. The effort was chronicled by several nationwide news agencies. Band of Friendship” from the students of Clay Oberschule on behalf of Ben Franklin. After Katrina, Ben Franklin received support from across the nation and around the world.