Bdi ii beck depression inventory pdf


Patient self-bdi ii beck depression inventory pdf instruments are useful in screening, tracking, and documenting the course of depressive symptoms with minimal clinician time. We compared the performance of these two instruments in a mood disorders setting.

Pearson correlation coefficients for total PHQ-9 and BDI-II scores were calculated for all patients, the outpatients, and the inpatients. Mean PHQ-9 and BDI-II scores for the outpatients were 15. PHQ-9 and BDI-II scores, as continuous but not categorical variables, in a mood disorders subspeciality setting are closely correlated and essentially interchangeable. There are practical applications to our findings, as the PHQ-9 is shorter and free. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. Confirmatory factor analysis indicated factorial similarity across the three samples. Significant correlations between the Indo BDI-II and other self-report measures related to depression demonstrated construct validity of the Indo BDI-II.

Furthermore, there was a highly significant difference in the Indo BDI-II scores between depressed patients and non-depressed participants. Internal consistency and re-test reliability of the Indo BDI-II were acceptable. Indo BDI-II for a mild severity of depression in Indonesian population should be 17. We conclude that the Indo BDI-II is a valid measure of depression, both in the Indonesian general population and in CHD patients. El análisis factorial confirmatorio mostró similitud factorial de las tres muestras. Las correlaciones entre el Indo BDI-II y otras medidas de auto-percepción relacionadas con la depresión fueron significativas, mostrando la validez de constructo del Indo BDI-II.