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Shadowrun Overhaul: Character Creation, Advancement, and Conversion. The conversion rules from taking characters from fourth to fifth dealing with skills bothered me because they weren’t nuanced at all. Basically they make no allowance for character experience ars magica pdf 5th edition NPC experience and just didn’t make any sense to me.

There should be a big difference in a converted Street thug compared to a converted Red Samurai or Wildcat when it comes to how high their skills are even if a street thug managed to have a 6 in a skill. My house rule takes into account the various range of character potency. Professional Rating 0: no change in skills or knowledges. Professional Rating 1: One skill or knowledge raised by 1 pt. Professional Rating 2: One skill or knowledge raised by 2 pts and one skill or knowledge raised by 1 pts. Professional rating 3: One skill or knowledge raised by 3, one by 2, and two raised by 1. Professional rating 4: One skill or knowledge raised by 4, one by 3, two by 2, three by 1.

Professional rating: 5: One skill or knowledge raised by 5, one by 4, two by 3, three by 2, and four by 1. Professional rating 6: one skill or knowledge raised by 6, one by 5, two by 4, three by 3, four by 2, and five by 1. A superhuman NPC such as an immortal elf could use the official conversion rules or a doubling of bonuses such as two skills raised by six, two by 5 and so on. As you can see this gives you some freedom to decide just how diversified a professional with 6 rating in four skills can be rather than just having 12 in four skills she would have a 12, an 11, and two tens or maybe one of the five rating skills could get a boost retailoring the NPC a little bit. This makes having a 12 mean something and that 12 is the NPC’s top priority. Skill groups should be split by this into their component skills to avoid skill group conversion issues. For PC’s the GM could decide to simply pick one of the professional ratings above for all the PC’s to use or could use a system based on total karma gained since PC creation to place the PC’s into one of the above categories.

Rating 0: no karma gained yet. Might as well just make a new fifth edition PC. Again for most PC’s just add the karma to the total in finishing touches and make new fifth edition PC. If you’d like to donate to the site please use paypal. Here are pdf’s of the articles I contributed to for Hermes Portal an ezine for Ars Magica by Atlas Games.

1 through 15 issues downloadable for free. The Scion’s divine parent’s ichor grants certain competencies that go beyond the limitations of physics and mortals. At character creation a Scion chooses a Divine Purview, an Epic Attribute, and two Favored Abilities. At character creation the Scion gains a free dot in their Adept Purview, Adept Abilities and Adept Epic Attribute. As the core focus of the Scion’s power the normal limitations are weakened. The result is that in the Adept Purview and Adept Attribute the maximum level is equal to the Scion’s Legend rather than his Legend minus one. For example a Scion with a Legend of 3 and Adept Intelligence could have her Epic Intelligence at 3 while her Epic Strength would be limited to 2 along with the rest of the Epic attributes and Purviews.

Should a Scion in gameplay find his passion and focus is changing the character can change their Adept Aptitude by switching to another Purview or Attribute with an equal level of competence. So, a Scion with Darkness of 4 as their Adept Purview could change their Adept Purview if they increased their Illusion to 4. The majority of the time it should also be a Purview of their Divine Parent. This should only happen rarely and be driven by the story. Maybe the Scion discovers an  ancient relic and bonds with it providing insights into a new Purview with the sacrifice of the old or maybe the Scion secretly turns to a Titan for occult secrets. This gives a player an out if they find they simply don’t care for their Adept Purview or would like to see their character move in a new direction. With Adept Abilities the Scion can grow in skill with much less effort and it is much cheaper to achieve Arete in them.

Upon Apotheosis to Demigod status and God status the Scion gains a new Adept Ability and a new Adept Purview or Epic Attribute. At godhood the Scion would have four Adept Abilities and four Adept Purviews or Attributes. Detect lies, negotiation, or convince someone to open up. Perceive mental, emotional state and motivations and intentions. Each success grants an extra boost die on later interactions that scene with that character. For example, four successes would give an extra four dice that could be allocated and spent on anything from an Intimidation roll and later a strike on a bad knee. Can only be attempted once a scene and once the dice are used they are gone.