Arabian dances brian balmages score pdf


There is a lot of layering in textures and timbres within the arabian dances brian balmages score pdf instrument sections, as well as a great build in the middle of the piece where it begins with the upper voices only, and eventually after 8 repeats of the passage, the entire ensemble has joined. Also includes ostinato passages over the beginning prominent melody near the end, which builds in dynamic to the end. He received his Bachelor of Music from James Madison University and his Master of Music Composition from the University of Miami in Florida.

He is actively commissioned to compose pieces for ensembles of all levels, from elementary band to professional orchestras, all over the world. He has received commissions from ensembles such as the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, The James Madison University School of Music, Dominion Brass Ensemble, and members of the United States Marine Band. Many of his compositions have an otherworldly quality to them, with many eastern influences. Within the beginning, the flute solo with low reed accompaniment sets the story, with a haunting melody. The addition of clarinets, saxophones, and trumpets make the solo flute seem as though part of a tribe, announcing the end of the day, and the additional winds the answer to the announcement. The low reed feature gives the piece a seeming wind down, as though the day has ended, and it is time for night to begin.

The percussion then enter, as though festivities are about to begin. The light melody introduced by the high winds are the setting up of the campfire and food to celebrate the hard day’s work. A percussion feature with vocalization seems to make the atmosphere of the piece more dance like, as though the celebration has finally begun. When the winds come back in, they are broken into 3 groups, as though they are dancers around the camp.