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Please forward this error screen to 142. Please forward this error screen to 199. Hi Just finished helping a customer who wanted to add attachments to PDF using javascript. Just finished helping a adding pages in preview pdf who wanted to add attachments to PDF using javascript.

I have included the PDF which allows the user to add attachment , view the attachment and deleted the selected attachment from the form. PS- THIS WILL ONLY WORK WHEN YOU OPEN THE FORM WITH ACROBAT. What when you distribute the form or put in on web page? Hi, i’m trying to make an interactive pdf in acrobat pro 9. Firstly i want people using reader to be able to attach files. I like you pdf with attach boxes.

Can you tell me the java script for programing the buttons etc. The javascript for the buttons can be seen when you open the form in livecycle designer. Hi Girish, thanks for your very swift reply. I’m trying to create a pdf form for my work. We’re a small land surveying company and we want to create a relatively simple form for people to fill in with data for us to get back to them with a quote. Originally I was going to create a web page but the information is neater for us when enclosed in a pdf document. Hum, thought so, can’t understand why it doesn’t work on a mac when everything else does.

Id di download a trial onto my pc so maybe i can use that to try and activate whatever it is i need to do to see if it works. Acrobat pro is seeming like a less and less powerful program by the day! Read your comment, I understand your point. Livecycle designer is an WYSIWG tool for designing interactive PDF forms. HI Girish, thank you, you have been more than helpful. When i open your pdf’s with the attachment boxes it open and says if i save it all info will be lost but when i click on the various buttons to view the script there is nothing that i can see. The attach file button seems to do nothing though and when i look at the programming for the buttons it looks like thay are set to form calc and i just cannot for the life of me see where the script to program the buttons is.

I am back with same prob. It doesn’t give any errors. Again, while playing arround to make those buttons work I also went in Advance and try to extend features in reader, it showed me error that they already been assigned. So again back to where I was. Frankly, I not a programmer or much familiar with scripts so don’t know if I have make any changes in script before inserting the object in my form. Any help will be great, no hurry whenever you have time. Thanks so much for reply.


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