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This article is about the professional wrestling stable. Eights came out and knocked out Mike with a hammer to prevent him from aces and eights free pdf anything. Eights to be formally identified by TNA. Angle had just lost a World Heavyweight Championship match to Jeff Hardy.

Hankinson was introduced as D. Devon to wrestle Sting and Angle. Sting and Angle won by disqualification when Devon used Sting’s baseball bat. Sting through a table, to prove his worth to the group. Devon used a baseball bat and D. Devon and an unnamed member, despite D.

As a reward for his loyalty, D. Angle pinned one of the masked members. Anderson accepted that offer on the January 3, 2013, episode. Eights member were defeated by Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe in a tag team cage match. Eights members attacked Angle and Joe. Eights with his baseball bat. Eights went two for three: Mr.