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Sapna is terriffied and wants to run away with Rohit. He takes her to his hostel and she acts as a boy. Not all of Rohit’s friends are comfortable with her at first, aap red book 2015 pdf she gains their confidence and becomes friends with them.

Rohit to a secluded spot and proceed to beat him within an inch of his life. They don’t know that Sapna has taken poison and are surprised when she tells them that the only way she can live is, if she gets to be with Rohit. In order to save Sapna, they apologize to Rohit and unite the two lovers. Both Rohit and Sapna get engaged to each other. Lyrics were provided by Dev Kohli and Ibrahim Ashq. This page was last edited on 27 November 2017, at 21:28.

This is a good article. Follow the link for more information. Maysak seen from the ISS 6. Maysak originated as a tropical depression on March 26. According to the JMA, Maysak became the second typhoon of the year on March 28. Maysak affected Yap and Chuuk in the Federated States of Micronesia, as well as the Philippines.

The storm was responsible for four deaths in the Federated States of Micronesia alongside 10 injuries. 5,000 people in desperate need of food, water and shelter, and needed emergency assistance. Melinda Espinosa said “Most concrete structures withstood the fury but everything else was damaged. Later, the storm struck the Philippines, causing minimal damage. It gradually became better organized, with a curved area of convection wrapping into the center. On March 27, the JTWC started tracking the system as a Tropical Depression 04W. Moving west-northwestward, the system’s center became more consolidated with convective banding becoming wrapped into it.

JMA upgraded the depression to Tropical Storm Maysak. JMA upgraded Maysak to a severe tropical storm. The eye became more defined and the convection became more consolidated. Maysak from intensifying more quickly.

Maysak was slightly more intense. 2002, Typhoon Alice of 1979, and Typhoon Harriet of 1959. The convection weakened significant in the storm’s southern quadrant due to drier air and worsening upper level conditions. On April 4, the JMA downgraded Maysak to a severe tropical storm, and later that day further to a tropical storm. The storm continued to weaken as it approached the Philippines, and late on April 4 the convection began dislocating from the circulation. January and April since 1945.

Chuuk and Yap States suffering the brunt of its impact. Overall, 281 homes were destroyed, and another 300 were damaged. There were four deaths and ten injuries related to the typhoon in the FSM. Persistent westerly winds knocked down a few trees and damaged a few houses while also causing beach erosion.

90 percent of homes in Chuuk sustained damage. The storm destroyed at least 830 homes and 37 businesses, displacing 6,760 people. Power to most of the state, including the entirety of Weno, was knocked out and communication was difficult. On Weno alone, the storm left about 7,000 people homeless. Water sources were rendered undrinkable.

Outlying islands sustained heavy damage to crops and houses. Across Chuuk State, rough waves from the typhoon damaged seawalls and sank or damaged 11 boats or ships. There were at least four deaths in the state. A fallen tree killed a man and a child died after being struck by airborne debris.